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Just give away fun and joy! With our Kramski gift vouchers you have the perfect gift for every occasion. Whether it’s a training seminar or a fitting at our Putting Academy, fun is guaranteed for all golf friends. If you are still unsure which product to choose, we also offer you the option of buying an individual voucher from us.

Check out our selection of vouchers. Order comfortably online from your home and give away diversity in golf!

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The Putting Academy is a very important component in the “Mastering the Green” process. It helps the participants by making the complex connections of putting – in theory and practice – tangible and also provides them with a clear and extremely successful methodology: the Kramski putting philosophy!

In addition to one-day group seminars, the courses offered by the Academy also include individual training and online seminars.

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There are countless models of Putters. But how do you know which one is right for your needs? During the professional KRAMSKI fitting, we will take you by the hand and not only guide you through our variety of products, but also adapt your desired Putter to your physical and technical parameters!

In our Putting Academy in Birkenfeld we offer you the possibility to choose between putter fittings or RE-fitting of your putter.


Gift card

With our voucher you can make give your loved ones a special treat! You decide individually how high the amount should be. Whether for a putter, accessories or a seminar: the voucher can be redeemed for any purpose.

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Academy Vouchers

The Putting Academy helps beginners, experienced players and, as part of personal coaching, well-known tour players by making the complex connections of putting tangible and providing them with a clear methodology that has been used very successfully on tour. One Academy day is enough to significantly improve your game on the green!

In addition to one-day group seminars for beginners and advanced learners, two-hour 1:1 intensive courses and online seminars are also offered.

Mastering the Green

Individual Training

With this voucher you will receive an individual two-hour Mastering the Green Putt training session with Michael Torres at the KRAMSKI Putting Academy. Upon request, the training can also be booked with Wiestaw Kramski.

After an extensive player analysis, we go into direct practical training together. During the training you will be taught all the basic knowledge you need for successful putting.

Mastering the Green

Group Training

With this voucher you will receive an extensive Mastering the Green seminar in the KRAMSKI Putting Academy.

Our group courses are perfect for all golfers who want to train in a group with like-minded people. The seminar offers amateurs (of all handicap classes) the chance to learn the basics and techniques for successful Putting in an intensive day of training.

Mastering the Green

Online Seminar

For all those who prefer to train in their own homes, we have developed the concept of an Online Academy. This voucher gives you access to our online seminar.

In short, success-focused videos on all relevant Putting parameters, our Master Fitter Michael Torres explains all the important learning content of our revolutionary Mastering The Green method and hands out valuable tips and tricks.

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Fitting Vouchers

Whether tour professional or amateur player – without a professional fitting, no player can exploit his actual potential. In order to achieve sovereignty on the green, player and putter must be coordinated. Here, too, Kramski sets standards. By customizing the putter to your physical characteristics and technical skills, we improve the consistency of your Putting!

The courses offered by the Putting Academy contain private analysis training including fitting and re-fitting appointments.


Custom Fitting

In our state-of-the-art putting studio in Birkenfeld (Germany) we offer you a personal fitting tailored to your needs. In addition to the grip size and grip position, the Lie angle as well as the ball position are determined exactly.

This voucher gives you a personal 45-minute fitting appointment at the KRAMSKI Putting Academy.



Over the years, your own swing changes and the shaft, the shaft length and the lie angle have to be checked again. If you ever want to make subsequent changes to your KRAMSKI putter, a RE-fitting is no problem.

With this voucher you receive a refitting at the KRAMSKI Putting Academy.


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