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If you do not have the chance to visit our putting academy in Birkenfeld, we would still like to offer you the opportunity to draw on our years of experience and thus optimise your golf game. That is why we have developed the Kramski Online Configurator, which guides you in several steps to the putter that is perfectly suited to you. The combination of a specially developed questionnaire and a few simple measurements should provide information about the potential and deficits of your putter.

For the optimal adjustment of the putter to your measurements and playing style, we need the following information from you: Body size, distance between ground and wrist, hand and finger lengths, finger widths, grip and body posture. All information is requested directly from you in the online purchase process of your putter.

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All KRAMSKI putter models are timeless in design, unmatched in function and, together with the fitting and the right putting method, unique in the world of golf! That is why we offer you our fit guarantee:

If you have any reservations about the configured putter, we offer you a free RE-fitting in our Putting Academy, where all necessary adjustments will be made!


Online Configurator

To submit your values later, please download this PDF file. It contains instructions for the correct measurement of all required body dimensions.

As soon as you have recorded your individual measurements, please send them to info@kramski-putter.com, stating your order number.

„Hey Wiestaw, played nine holes today in Bruchsal, 9 putts, 7 under par. Putting is important. Kind regards and have a nice evening.“

Miro Bradic

Amateur / Plus Handicaper

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Putting Academy

In a one-day training course at the Academy, the basics are taught in theory and practice for manipulation-free and thus successful putting. Participants learn in a practical way how the groundbreaking KRAMSKI putting method can be effectively implemented on the green and how putting can be significantly improved.


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