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As an essential part of the “Mastering the Green” process, the Putting Academy supports tour players and amateurs by bringing the complexities of putting to life and providing them with a clear and highly successful methodology. We invite you to take us at our word: What our participants say about their training at the Academy, what experiences they have had and what our seminars are like, you can find out in our News & Insights in the Academy section.

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"Mr. Kramski, it was a great honour meeting and spending time with you, time i will not soon forget... Wendy, the young girl you helped, will also never forget that day in the cold rain when you instantly improved her putting, to the point were she could not believe her own eyes. I look forward to trying your putter, insight and teaching tools, and seeing more putts go in. Tomorrow I will apply the lesson of placing the ball down with my left hand as I am left eye dominate, thank you for that tip. Good Golfing. "


Kanadischer Golf Pro aus Shanghai

"Hello Wiestaw, On Saturday in Munich Egmating I had a straight round of 80 (first 9 still 2 over). Yesterday, at the end of the 9 holes in Pforzheim, also 2 shots over. Thanks to Fleesensee, the long game had already stabilised again (approx. 15 tournaments in 2015 with a result of HCP 7 or better). Now the calculation seems to work out to raise further potentials in putting with the Mastering the Green" approach. For the first time after almost 12 years of golf, I finally have a plan in my pocket when putting. 3 putts are rare even on fast greens, but valuable putts are made on every round - full of confidence! The journey continues, thank you!!! Best regards and hope to see you soon."

Ralph Schlawatzki 

"Hello, I rarely give feedback, but in this case I do so not only gladly, but with full conviction. The Putt Seminar was sensational. Not only did I learn more in one day than in the last 10 years, I also notice it in the results. Simple, clean, reproducible movement, my putting yips are gone. Even today, not every putt falls, but now I can at least explain why. Thank you for the great day and experience. All the best. "

Stephan Franken

Golf Course Altenstadt

"Dear Mr Kramski, I wanted to have several rounds of golf in using your putter before getting back to you. I have also had some locate golf professionals try it as well as some of my students. It has worked better than any putter that I have ever used. I even returned my Scotty Cameron putter back to Titleist because it dosen't have any precision compared to your putter. The Kramski putter is truly a great putter. I look forward to meeting with you in October. Many thanks. "


PGA Golf Professional 

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the fitting and the club. I practiced extensively with the new equipment today and noticed the progress immediately. All balls started on the point I had aimed the ball at. The number of putts holed has increased dramatically compared to last week. I can't wait for the next tournament and will report back to you immediately afterwards. Until yesterday, I could not imagine how one could save so many strokes in such a short time. Today I am much smarter and am already annoyed that I did not take this step much earlier. But it's never too late to start something new. "


Tour Pro

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The teaching method – Mastering the Green – in our Putting Academy will enable you to putt much better! In addition to group seminars for beginners and advanced players, we also offer you 1:1 intensive courses or online training. All seminars provide a deeper understanding of putting and thus complete the KRAMSKI promise.

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