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Kramski Putter

High precision putters that have managed to establish themselves as high-performance instruments in tournament play in a very short time. An individual fitting that sets standards in the golf scene. And the KRAMSKI Putting Academy, which uniquely completes the “mastering the green” process with the right application methodology. The success of Kramski putters impressively proves that our concept works.

When Wiestaw Kramski decided in 2002 to develop the best putter in the world, no one knew what standards the entrepreneur would set. Today, our brand stands for much more than just first-class putters. It stands for a holistic concept that promises success on the green!

If you would like to learn more about the history of our company, the manufacturing process of our putters or our holistic concept, you have come to the right place!

About Kramski

Philosophy & History

Developing and manufacturing technologically sophisticated stamped and hybrid parts – that is the core competence of the KRAMSKI Group.
The KRAMSKI PUTTER story begins in January 2002, when Wiestaw Kramski decides to develop his own putter. Namely, the best putter in the world! A comprehensible claim, at least for those who know the name KRAMSKI from the German high-performance toolmaking industry. Because whether in industry or in golf – a product from KRAMSKI is always something special!


Manufacturing prozess

In the production of the Kramski putter, precision milling and elaborate manual work are in perfect harmony. More than 30 individual work processes on a high-speed milling machine are required to work out the three-dimensional geometry that is so characteristic of the entire putter series. But the effort is worth it: Kramski putters impress with their durability.

With a lot of craftsmanship, one-by-one and completely individually, the production of each putter head is done according to the latest state of the art.

Learn to put like a pro

Putt Universe

Despite the great success of the Kramski putters and the development of a holistic fitting concept that promises success on the green, we quickly realized how important it is to analyze the mistakes made during putting. From this elaborate analysis, the Kramski Putting Method is developed.

The Kramski Putt Universe reveals the secrets of putting, teaches successful aiming as well as the perfect grip and controls and corrects according to the Kramski method.