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The Mallet Series

It all started with a Mallet! A true classic with a growing fan base: tour players and amateurs who value its extreme quality, love its iconic design and can’t imagine playing on the green without it. Our Mallet putters are ideal for precise alignment, especially with a marked line on the ball. This auxiliary line helps players set up correctly over the ball with the included line system. Mallet putters are extremely forgiving, as they are perfectly balanced in the face and remain square at impact, especially on off-center hits.

The different mallet versions result from the combination of face insert and shaft design. All other features are identical.


The patented KRAMSKI line system makes it possible to target the aiming point via rear sight and front sight. This revolutionary solution has now become a functional and aesthetic KRAMSKI symbol.


Thanks to the precise face-balanced construction, the center of gravity is in the middle of the precision hitting surface. This gives KRAMSKI putters an extremely large sweet spot that still allows for precise putts even when hit off-center.


The grips manufactured by KRAMSKI feature a variety of groundbreaking innovations, including special rain profiles, forgiving grip shape and different grip sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL as well as Junior XS and Junior S).


Plastic club-face incorporated into the putter head, which is particularly convincing when playing a harder ball with very good feeling.
For model: HPP 324 TP and
HPP 326 TP

“The Mallet Series have been with me successfully on tour for years and give me absolute confidence on the green.”
Dominic Foos

Challenge Tour / European Tour Player
Plays KRAMSKI since the age of 12

HPP Mallet

Symbol of
Timeless Innovation

Genius construction, the most innovative features and extremely easy aiming thanks to the distinctive mallet design and extended line system – that’s what makes the KRAMSKI Mallet.

Whether it’s the face ground to μ-tolerances (without grooves that cause sidespin), weight inserts made of carbide or elaborately milled sole construction for more safety on the green – there is aesthetic-functional innovation in every element.

Different shaft variants (double or single bend) and high-tech inserts (plastic metal mixture or polyuretan soft insert for fast greens) also cover all relevant preferences and make the Mallet one of our most successful models!


HPP 325 TP

A putter to which nothing can be added!
It combines sensational successes, such as the legendary 59 round in Habsberg in 2006 or the setting of the course record at St. Andrews, with an unprecedented quality and perfection.

Precision milled, color anodized, with carbide weight inserts, special shaft position – double blend shaft and available in black, blue, red or silver. Our sport tuned Mallet HPP 325 TP is considered the favorite putter of our tour players at the international PGA tournaments.


Kramski Grip

The KRAMSKI HPG is the first grip “Made by KRAMSKI” and consequently a real revolution in all areas: unique haptics, forgiving shape, intelligent profiles and maximum fitting accuracy due to various inner holes. Plus a pleasantly straightforward design in the color of your choice.
Feature 1 Maximum Grip
Feature 2 All-Weather Profile
Feature 3 Precision Shape
Feature 4
Custom Fit-Sizes


Owners Club

With the purchase of a KRAMSKI HPP (High Precision Putter) you automatically become a member of our Owners Club and receive our Club Member Card. It is your ticket to a range of exclusive benefits.


20% discount on all seminars of the KRAMSKI Putting Academy


10% discount on all accessories and Golf Innovations


Advance invitation to all KRAMSKI golf trips KRAMSKI tournaments


Putter deposit: depending on condition and age up to 250 Euro