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Grips Fit like a glove

At least as important as the tires in Formula 1 is the grip in putting! More than half of all putting errors are directly related to the grip. The KRAMSKI High Precision Grip (HPG) developed and produced by us is a real revolution in all relevant areas: unique feel, forgiving shape and intelligent profiles. Above all, however, it convinces thanks to different inner drillings and grip sizes with a worldwide unique fitting accuracy!


High precision Grip

The KRAMSKI HPG is strikingly inconspicuous. Discreet, single-colored and pleasantly simple. Even the brand logo keeps a low profile. At second glance, however, its advantages become all the more apparent. In addition to the quality of the material and its feel, the functional aspects of this beautifully shaped putter grip are very clear

Specially incorporated rain profiles on the sides (palm area) and in the thumb area ensure consistent grip strength even in the rain.

The innovative grip shape is extremely forgiving and cannot be affected by changes in the lie angle.
The 5 grip sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) with their precisely fitting inner diameters for all shaft lengths from 30 to 37″ prevent any slippage of the grip even in very hot temperatures.

The assembly of a HPG can be done with a few simple steps.

Maximum Grip

The specially developed plastic ensures the unique haptic.

All-weather profile

The intelligent profiles provide perfect grip in any weather.

Custom-Fit Sizes

5 sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) and 3 inner drillings for 6 shaft lengths guarantee highest fitting accuracy.

Precision Shape

The forgiving grip shape supports the ideal position of the putter head.


High precision Grip

For the optimal adjustment of the putter to your measurements and playing style we need the following information in the purchase process: Hand length, middle finger length, middle finger width and putter length.

If you would like to send us your values later, please download this PDF-file . It contains instructions for the correct measurement of all required body measurements. As soon as you have recorded your individual measurements, please send them to info@kramski-putter.com, stating your order number.

„Hello Wiestaw! I just wanted to thank you again for the great putter and your great help. My putting has improved tremendously and I am very very happy with your putter. Had 28 30 30 28 putts at the Austrian Open that is so much better! Love and see you soon.“
Lisl Esterl

Tour Spielerin European Tour

Reverse Overlapping

The Perfect Grip

Everything starts with the right grip! There are several ways to hold the putter’s grip. On a scale of 1 to 10, at least a grip pressure of 6 to 7 should be used.

Would you like to learn more? At the KRAMSKI Putting Academy we teach the best grip method.


Owners Club

With the purchase of a KRAMSKI HPP (High Precision Putter) you automatically
become a member of our Owners Club and receive our Club Member Card.
It is your ticket to a range of exclusive benefits.


20% discount on all seminars of the KRAMSKI Putting Academy


10% discount on all accessories and Golf Innovations


Advance invitation to all KRAMSKI golf trips KRAMSKI tournaments


Putter deposit: depending on condition and age up to 250 Euro