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Custom Fitting

You want to quickly optimise your short game and improve your putting statistics? Even though there is a lot of talk in the golf scene about the importance of custom fitting, the three most important factors of a successful fitting are usually not taken into account: Holism in analysis, precision in implementation and repeatability on the green. The KRAMSKI Custom Fitting concept therefore addresses precisely these three factors step-by-step in order to prepare you optimally for your next game!

With us, every player is looked after individually by our experts in the Kramski putting studio. On a total area of ​​over 1,000 square meters you can train, test the latest models and have your Kramski putter individually tailored to you. You can fit on our indoor green of around 200 square meters. In order to determine the right putter for you from hundreds of possible combinations (head weight, loft, lie and shaft length), you will be carefully tested by us. We determine the required basic and fitting parameters using a test program developed by us. However, specific equipment or analysis and measurement methods (e.g. Kramski Putt-Robi for swing and stance analysis; video check system for ball roll analysis) can also be used for data collection and verification.

Our Goal: We want to improve the consistency of your putting and reduce the risk of manipulation in your putting stroke. That’s why our putters are only assembled after the fitting and a successful test putting, tailored to your needs and physical characteristics.

Custom Fitting

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Step 1


At KRAMSKI, holistic analysis means more than just recording the length and / or lie angle setting. It starts with the player himself. Based on his putting results, his aiming method and address position or his setup are first examined.

Then, with the help of slow motion recordings, the biomechanical putting movement of the player is analysed before the impact moment is considered in the impact analysis.

Step 2


The results of the analysis are incorporated into the adjustment of length, lie, weight distribution in the shaft (counterbalancing) and even into the adjustment of the grip thickness (S, M, L, XL, XXL). The latter is an absolute novelty on the putter market and is only possible in this way thanks to KRAMSKI’s own grip development and production.

What is special, however, is not so much that these adjustment options exist, but above all the precision with which they are implemented. After all, what is the point of determining the ideal lying variant if you only try to bend it approximately? At the latest when it comes to precise implementation, our customers recognise that KRAMSKI know-how comes from German high-performance toolmaking. Know-how that is trusted by well-known global players in the automotive, telecommunications and electrical industries, especially when absolute high-end solutions are required.

Step 3


The final step in the KRAMSKI fitting process is to ensure the subsequent repeatability of the setup on the green. For this purpose, our HPT 40 training console was developed and patented, with which each customer can precisely determine and consolidate both his stance and his impact position. This eliminates possible sources of error, trains incorrect swing movements and speeds up the “mastering the green” process.

Subsequently, the player’s biomechanical putting motion is analysed with the help of slow motion recordings before the impact moment is considered in the impact analysis. By storing the fitting data, we offer you 100% reconstructability even in the event of a replacement or loss of the putter.


Fitting (45min)

€ 75 / 1 person
€ 100 / 2 people


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