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Whether tour professional or amateur player – without a professional fitting, no player can reach his actual potential. Each of us varies in stature and posture as well as his personal swing movement. That’s why our experts at the KRAMSKI Putting Academy look after you individually, adapt all relevant parameters to your specifications and adapt the putter to your personal requirements.

Our goal: To improve the consistency of your Putten and reduce the risk of manipulation in your putting stroke. Because the better the putter and your golf equipment are matched to your physique and swing movement, the better you will play!

In addition to the classic Custom Fitting in the Putting Academy, which consists of private analysis training with fitting and re-fitting appointments, KRAMSKI’s comprehensive range of courses also includes an online fitting offer for all those who can not make it to our Putting studio.

    Kramski Putting Studio

    Custom Fitting

    In our state-of-the-art putting studio in Birkenfeld (Germany) we offer you a personal fitting tailored to your needs. In addition to the grip size and grip position, the Lie angle as well as the ball position are determined exactly.

    Decide for a fitting at the Kramski Putting Academy and see for yourself!

    Virtual Configurator

    Online Fitting

    For all those who can not make it into our Putting studio, we also offer the fitting as a digital version.

    With online fitting, we configure your tailor-made putter according to your personal measurements. In order to do this during the purchase process of your putter, simply fill out the attached online form or enter measurements via the online configurator!

    Kramski Putting Studio


    Our guarantee promise from us to you: If the putter configured online is delivered, and it turns out that it does not fit, we offer you a free re-fitting or post-fitting in our putting studio.

    Alternatively, it is of course possible that your own swing has changed over the years and the shaft, the shaft length and the lie angle have to be checked again. Should you ever wish to make subsequent changes to your KRAMSKI putter, we can offer you a RE-fitting in the putting studio.



    From driver to wedge - with the help of the unique Mizuno Swing DNA system and Trackman technology
    we determine the perfect combination of club head and shaft for your club set. The Mizuno Shaft Optimizer makes it possible!

    KRAMSKI Putter has one of the few Mizuno Fitting Centers in southwest Germany. Golf professionals regularly go through the fitting process and you too can
    improve your game with a suitable set of clubs from Mizuno sustainably and without changing your swing.

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    You are ready for the next step and interested in our tailor-made putters and fitting offers? Then make an appointment today with our experts for your tailor-made fitting at the Putting Academy in Birkenfeld.

    Secret Star


    The putter is the only club in your golf bag that is guaranteed to be used on every hole on the golf course and therefore has the potential to be used the most in a round of golf compared to other clubs.

    That is why, from our point of view, the putter is not only the most important, but certainly also the most exciting golf club in your golf bag.

    Putting Academy


    The Putting Academy helps beginners, experienced players and, as part of personal coaching, well-known tour players by making the complex connection of Puttens tangible and providing them with a clear methodology that has been used very successfully on the tour. One Academy day is enough to significantly improve your game on the green. If not, get your Academy Fees Back!


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