1. Rely on your gut feeling
Use your gut feeling and trust it consistently. With enough experience, you’ll be able to see where you’re headed. Some days everything is just right. But often it is not.

2. Aim at an intermediate target
You can also use a point (blade of grass) as an intermediate target, for example. However, it is not always easy to find something memorable and suitable.

3. Apply the Kramski line system
Experience over many years in fitting shows that at least two thirds of all golfers aim too inaccurately when working without an auxiliary line on the ball. This is now used by almost all the top players in the world. Our precision template HPS 30 has taken on a pioneering role in this respect.
Align the ball with 100% precision using the auxiliary line. Under no circumstances should inaccuracies be corrected with the club head. Be sure to use a precision template to mark the auxiliary line to ensure that the line is exactly on the ball equator. Never use the writing on the ball as an aiming aid, it is too short and usually not exactly in the center of the ball.

Conclusion: Whether you use the Kramski method, gut feeling or intermediate goal – the decisive factor is that you rely 100 percent on your chosen method. In case of doubt, you should correct and check the direction to the target again as well as re-address it. If you play without an auxiliary line, then the unlabeled, white side of the ball should be on top.


Putt with certainty and determination!
The method with the line on the ball is the safest. However, it needs some practice to make alignment and aiming go quickly. Aiming with the line is taught as a main focus in the ACADEMY.


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