KramsKi Putter




In addition to the fitting concept and application methodology, our holistic concept not only offers high-performance cutters, but also practicable and innovative aids, with which you can improve your training methods.

Developing tools that are not only used in the KRAMSKI Putting Academy, but can also be used anywhere you feel like training, is part of our vision. In recent years, our training equipment has proven to be indispensable for many players. Whether a training console, with which the standing as well as the impact position can be determined exactly repeatable or the Impact Swing Trainer “Hole in One”, which gives the player an impression of the perfect impact position and the right swing rhythm through acoustic communication, we understand our craft and like to think outside the box.

Although personal success on the green still depends on individual use, with the KRAMSKI training aids you can be sure that the effort pays off – be it with the pure joy of the game or through the success at the next tournament!

Kramski Accessories


Nowadays, Golf accessories are everywhere. However, if you are looking for training aids that keep what they promise, you should look around where putting is analyzed down to the smallest detail.
Our training aids contain scientific meticulousness, experience and the necessary ingenuity that transforms the pure facts into training fun. Whether training console, putting mat or swing trainer – our product variety is ideal for all golf players who want to improve their training method.

Putter Accessories


Anyone who has fallen for golf knows that the little things make the difference! The perfect golf equipment for your game is part of it. From golf bags and protective caps to Kramski Caps, our range of perfectly matched golf accessories has steadily expanded.

Together with the input of tour players, top amateurs and our years of experience, the KRAMSKI golf accessories have been developed for demanding golfers!



Systematic in the procedure. In love with detail. Uncompromising in implementation. No frills. Instead, timeless shapes and real, game-changing innovations. Powered by KRAMSKI GROUP: High-end machines and excellent quality management. This is what KRAMSKI stands for. That’s what we stand for.