Kramski Putter


From the very beginning, KRAMSKI putters have been synonymous with the highest quality. High-quality materials, precise manufacturing and sustainable design play an important role in the success of the premium models. Their high-tech claim is complemented by the holistic approach of the KRAMSKI putting philosophy. Its components – individual fitting and innovative training methods from the KRAMSKI Putting Academy – have already brought legendary success on the green to some players. So KRAMSKI is more than just a putter manufacturer. Rather, our brand stands for a holistic concept that is unique on the market.

Kramski Putter


Wiestaw Kramski, self-made entrepreneur and passionate golfer, bought another putter in 2000 – only to be disappointed again with his newly purchased putter. So he decides to build his own putter. Namely the best and most precise golf putter in the world! It took almost three years until the first KRAMSKI High Precision Putter (HPP) was developed and produced. Because Kramski proceeds as one would expect from a high-end toolmaker: strictly scientific in analysis, highly innovative in engineering and absolutely uncompromising in implementation.

Originally started as a private project, it quickly becomes clear that this putter is destined for higher things. And so, within a few years, the name KRAMSKI was successfully established on the professional golf tour and, with over 20 different HPP models, once again made it a benchmark.

In the meantime, the private pleasure has become an international premium brand that has firmly established itself in the tournament scene with its multiple award-winning high-precision putters.