Our guarantee promise: If the online configured putter is delivered and does not fit afterwards, we offer you a free re-fitting in our putting studio.

Alternatively, it is also possible that your own swing has changed over the years and the shaft, shaft length and lie angle need to be checked again. Should you ever wish to make subsequent changes to your KRAMSKI putter, we offer you a RE-fitting in the putting studio.

Prices for a re-fitting
€ 0 / After the online fitting, if the configured putter does not fit perfectly
€ 50 / In case of changes in your own body characteristics, swing etc.

Event location
Goethestr. 49 49
75217 Birkenfeld


To book your personal re-fitting appointment, please contact us by phone or e-mail.


Includes 19% MwSt.

3 steps to a perfectly fitted putter

Our Custom fitting

Step 1

Holistic analysis

Consideration of target methodology, address position, biomechanical rotation (with High-Speed-Cam and SAM Lab) and subsequent impact analysis.

Step 2

Precise implementation

Adjustment of length, lie, weight distribution in the shaft (counterbalanching) and adjustment of grip strength – not approximately, but with typical 100% KRAMSKI precision.

Step 3

Consistent Setup

Training to independently determine the ideal stance and impact position and to avoid incorrect swing movements as well as other sources of error.

Our Putter

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Our Accessories

In addition to KRAMSKI putters perfectly suited to your putting needs, we also offer a matching and optimally complementary range of accessories that not only provide you with comfort, but are also useful.

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