Limited Edition

HPP 333 TI

Ideal head weight, unique look as well as extreme durability thanks to highest corrosion and wear resistance – there is probably no more fascinating putter material than titanium. In it, luxurious appeal and ultimate functionality combine to create a gaming experience in a class of its own!
With HPP 333 Ti, after several years of development work, we have succeeded in implementing this great, but extremely difficult to process material with µ precision as an HPP Mallet and refining it in elaborate manual work.
The result is a putter that is unparalleled in precision and quality and is published annually in a limited edition of only 333. A putter you don’t want to let out of your hand. At most to the next generation!

Material putter head Aluminum/carbide inserts
Insert of the hitting surface Plastic softinsert
Head weight ~342g
Loft 3,25°
Sweet Spot very large
Coating anodized
Shaft Single Bend
Handle Kramski (S / M / L / XL / XXL)
Grip colors Black / blue / red / yellow
Lie 65°
Lengths 30 – 37 Inches
Schwing weight Adjusted according to fitting
Right-handed / Left-handed yes
Cover Design cover
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Includes 19% MwSt.

3 steps to a perfectly fitted putter

Our online fitting

Step 1


Depending on body size, arm length, leg length and finger length, every golfer has different physical requirements for hitting a putt optimally. For this reason, all KRAMSKI putters are only custom-fitted after taking your physical characteristics into account.

Step 2


When putting, your upper body is bent forward. Your stance and posture are essential to us when fitting your putter, because only controlled movements lead to straight putts and the required accuracy. The more upright your posture, the more difficult it is to hit the ball cleanly.

Step 3


At least as important as the tires in Formula 1 is the grip when putting! That’s why your grip position is crucial to us. The extremely forgiving High Precision Grip (HPG) convinces thanks to different inner drillings and grip sizes with a worldwide unique fitting accuracy.

The putter for eternity. Because there is nothing to add to this classic and it sets standards in unique precision and function.


High Precision Grip

The KRAMSKI HPG is the first grip “Made by KRAMSKI” and consequently a real revolution in all areas: unique haptics, forgiving shape, intelligent profiles and maximum fitting accuracy due to various inner holes. Plus a pleasantly straightforward design in the color of your choice.

Precision shape

The forgiving grip shape supports the ideal position of the putter head.

Maximum Grip

The specially developed plastic ensures the unique feel.

All-weather Profile

The intelligent profiles ensure perfect grip in all weather conditions.

Custom-Fit Sizes

5 sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) and 3 inner holes for 6 shaft lengths guarantee the highest fitting accuracy.

Our Putter

The most important club in your golf bag! – With a perfectly coordinated weight and length concept, the KRAMSKI putters convince not only numerous professional golfers and amateurs, but certainly also you.

Buy a KRAMSKI putter and improve your performance on the green!

Our Accessories

In addition to KRAMSKI putters perfectly suited to your putting needs, we also offer a matching and optimally complementary range of accessories that not only provide you with comfort, but are also useful.

Discover our selection of KRAMSKI Accessories for the stylish golfer!


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